Why do Christians communicate the Gospel through the Arts?

Wintershall’s RE Enquiry Unit offers an exciting exploration of the long-standing and dynamic Christian tradition of communicating the Gospel using dramatic arts.   

It focusses on what beliefs motivate Christian’s to use different art forms to communicate the Gospel using a selection of exciting resources from the Wintershall productions, including behind the scenes images, interviews and film clips.

The whole unit is designed for flexible use, either as a whole unit of work or as a series of individual learning activities.

Now an accredited resource to accompanying Understanding Christianity 

Unit features include:

  • Enquiry-led learning activities using Wintershall productions and related first-hand source material as a case study for pupils to investigate and reflect on why and how drama is used to bring Biblical accounts to life
  • Engaging video clips, interviews and images from the productions.
  • Support for meeting specific KS1 and KS2 Core learning activities within Understanding Christianity.