Terms & Conditions

1. Wintershall CIO will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense, except in the case of personal injury if due to any negligent act or omission on our part.

2. Wintershall productions usually take place outside where ground conditions can be slippery, uneven and challenging. Patrons are advised to ensure that they have suitable, robust footwear, walking aids, suitable clothing, torches or suitable lighting if any part of the production takes place after sunset, and to take all reasonable care whilst on site.

3. It is usual that both the auditorium and stage are uncovered. Patrons accept that weather, temperature, climate and light conditions, which are out of our control, may impact on their visit and are an integral part of the Wintershall experience.

4. Whilst we will make every effort to complete each production, we reserve the right to stop and start each show as deemed necessary.

5. Patrons note and accept that once purchased, tickets will not be refunded either individually or on a group basis, (including any individual tickets forming part of a group booking) unless, as described in Clause 12 below, a production is cancelled for reasons other than adverse weather conditions.

Weather Related Cancellation

6. Shows will only be cancelled or abandoned in the event of bad weather where such weather is deemed by the producers to pose a health and safety risk.

7. We may choose to delay the start of a production by up to one hour. We will not delay the start of a production for more than one hour.

8. If a show is cancelled as a result of adverse weather conditions, we will announce this at the time of the cancellation at the venue. We do not communicate cancellations to Patrons who did not come to the production or who have already left the venue.

9. If a production is cancelled or abandoned due to adverse weather, you will be entitled to exchange your ticket for the same production, either later in the current production run or for the following year’s production, subject to availability.

10. Your ability to exchange your ticket for an alternative production will be subject to the availability of tickets at that production, at that date and time, and will be assessed at the point when your request for an exchange is processed.

11. If you wish to exchange your ticket, please contact us by email: admin@wintershall.org.uk or by calling 01483 892167.

Non-Weather Related Cancellations

12. If a production is cancelled for reasons other than adverse weather conditions, only the face value of your ticket is refundable. In this situation, please contact us by email: admin@wintershall.org.uk or by calling 01483 892167 to request a refund, this process may take 1-2 weeks in busy periods. This excludes any booking fees, delivery charges or other expenses incurred. Your personal arrangements, including travel, accommodation, or any other expenses or liabilities incurred by you relating to the event are at your own risk and are not refundable.

13. We can accept tickets for resale but will only attempt to sell them once a show is sold out. We cannot guarantee that any such tickets will be resold. An Administration Charge of £3 per audience member will be made for each successful resale.