Whether you are in a classroom, church or home, the film clips and images here can be used in a variety of ways to enhance and accompanying your exploration of the Christian Story, perhaps for Collective worship, group discussion or personal reflection.  They form part of the Wintershall Education online units of work that explore Character Education through scripture and how Christian’s communicate the Gospel through the Arts. I wonder how you will use them?

Film clips

View your chosen clip from the Life of Christ, by clicking on the image. You can read the source of each story in the Children's International Bible  by clicking on the title of the clip.
Jesus is baptised YouTube video code: 2gI5v5UKwKI URL:
The parables of Jesus YouTube video code: sXpcEbZ3dhM URL:
Feeding of the 5,000 YouTube video code: K-tdZqAyCIY URL:
Water into Wine YouTube video code: 6305yBaDIE4 URL:
Jesus is presented in the Temple YouTube video code: re3sr-ooeOY URL:
The Healing of a Leper YouTube video code: fFX9DrSqRkw URL:
The Angel visits Mary YouTube video code: dkhxEEnUmdY URL:

Props and costumes

Most of our costumes are hand-made and hand dyed and our props have been gathered and made by volunteers over the last 20 years. Can you guess where they are used in the gospel stories?

Behind the scenes

This collection of photos shows how many different jobs and roles there are behind the scenes during the Wintershall productions. Most of these roles are done by wonderful volunteers.

The Life of Christ

Enjoy this series of images from The Life of Christ, which show the many ways in which Jesus communicated the Gospel message during his lifetime. e.g. born amongst the humble, preaching to the ordinary people, performing miracles, healing, suffering at the hands of others.  I wonder what these images tell you about Jesus?