Life of Christ for School Leaders

Life of Christ for School Leaders

We are delighted to welcome thousands of school children to our performance of ‘The Life of Christ’ each year. Schools use the performance as a resource for RE and Values teaching and learning to deepen their understanding of Christianity and of the life and impact of Jesus. The performance also serves as a rich stimulus for history enquiries and spiritual development.

However, in response to the last year of events, we have decided to offer something different for schools this summer.  Our 'Walking the Parables of Jesus' reflection days will provide opportunies to be together as a school group and spend time remembering and responding to experiences of a Covid year, using the dramatisation of stories that Jesus told. 

More information will be available in our School Visit Guide COMING SOON. This will provide you with all you need to know for your own risk assessment.

Wintershall Education provides an exciting collection of resources and outreach programmes that accompany ‘The Life of Christ’.  Online access and assemblies enable all groups to ‘experience the story’ using biblical drama.

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